Armory – 7.17.21

12 men stuck with the original F3SH beatdown this morning, plus @Hot Mic got his pre-bear on while @Lone Star rucked his way to some Gatorade. There was way more running than you can normally expect from an @Operation Q. Surprise!
PAX: @Lone Star @Fertile Myrtle @Timeshare @Mulligan @Paperboy @Joey Freshwater @Roadkill @Hot Mic @Danica @ToeJam @HoneyDream @Operation
FNGs: @HoneyDream
Q: @Operation
Squats-Jump Squats-Burpees
Runners stretch, calf stretch, BACs
Drill Instructor – introduced the phrases below:
“On your six!” – on your six with feet off the ground
“On your face!” – high plank
“Up / Down” – low merkin position / return to high plank
“On your feet!” – stand up
Ran through these for a couple minutes
Highlander (broadjump)
Structured like the PACER test / beep test. where PAX run a short distance between cones, starting each run when they hear a beep. You must make it to the other set of cones before it beeps again, or you are out, at which point switch to running. Did the test with broad jumps until all but one was eliminated (as There Can Only Be One) – @RoadkillHighlander (standard)
Same as above, but just mosey/sprint between cones, politician once you are out. @Roadkill again!
Some more Drill Instructors
Bearway to Heaven
Demonstrated in Murfreesboro for YHC, @Heidi and @Night Light, PAX must bear crawl 2 parking spaces, do 10 burpees, then crawl bear back to start. Bear crawl 4 spaces, do 8 burpees, crawl bear back to start. Repeat, increasing parking space count by 2 and decreasing burpee count by 2 (always adding to 12), until you do 10 spaces and 2 burpees and crawl bear back. Objective: finish the routine before the song Stairway to Heaven ends (about 8 minutes). Feat accomplished by @Roadkill, @Joey Freshwater@Timeshare, and at the buzzer @Lone Star.
Some more Drill Instructors
Another Highlander (standard)Bomber Crab Skaters
Everyone grabs their own parking space. Divebomber merkins in that space, crab walk to the space opposite, Apollo Onos there, then broad jump back. Start with 10 reps of each, then decrease to 9, 8 etc. until finishing with 1 divebomber merkin and 1 Apoloo Ono.
Some more Drill Instructors, mixed with flutter kicks, big boy situps, freddie mercuries, and plank to finish
  • Check earlier slack messages for CSAUPs SOG-I (rucking) and Crucible
  • Newest AO starts Wednesday night – check Slack for Primetime AO
Prayer Requests
  • @Offsides
  • @Yaris
  • @Joey Freshwater‘s friend Joe is home/coming home after very long battle with Covid, needing prayers for mental struggle with physical limitations
  • @Paperboy‘s friend with brain cancer
  • Roughnecks at the Predator event today
  • I think there was a another, but my notes on it didn’t save for some reason.
“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”
Today I shared an anecdote from the first time I boarded a Southwest flight. I was not familiar with their boarding process and stood where I thought I was supposed to be in line. fully confident I was where I was supposed to be. I didn’t realize until the return flight that I had completely misunderstood how it worked and had boarded with the highest priority group on the plane. But no one stopped me! I had walked with such confidence, fully believing myself to be right, that no one said a word.
Confidence can be like that – it’s internalizing the belief that you can face what you are about to face. But we must be wary of the other side of that coin. It can be very easy to be confident but be completely wrong. At the same time, being wrong once should not take away from your level of confidence in the future – it should just make you more prudent.
Op Out

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