Armory – 6.26.2021

We're in a Hurry to Get Things Done
PAX: @MaryAnne, @Red Rocket, @Jackie Moon, @Peewee, FNG Cowbell, Sketch, @Opie, @O’Douls, @Fertile Myrtle, @Soul Glo, @Cosmo (YHC)
Q: @Cosmo

12 HIM held down the fort at #the-armory and were taken on a musical journey, with YHC as their guide, through the greatest musical genre ever: 90s Country. Playlist will be linked at the bottom.

SSHs, BACs, Back BACs, Willie Mays Hayes, Cherry Pickers

Thang 1
Mosey to rear parking lot of school. Count off and partner up for some Dora work.
Man, I Feel Like a HIM
Modes of Transportation: Broad jump half length of parking lot, Politician the remaining half, sprint back.
Work: 100 Merkins, 300 LBCs, 600 2-Count Flutter Kicks

Thang 2
Mosey to picnic tables
Heads Carolina, Tails California
Picnic Tables are Carolina, end of Playground is California
(This was modified quickly so YHC is only posting the modified work)
26 Derkins in Carolina, 6 Burpees in California – 25 Derkins, 5 Burpees – etc.
Mode of Transportation: Sprint

Thang 3
SPRINT (YHC heard too much mumble chatter so it's time to empty the tank) back to the cars!
90s on the 90s
90 Seconds AMRAP of an exercise, 30 seconds recover. Rinse and repeat.
Exercises: Freddie Mercurys, High Plank Hold, Hillbilly Walkers, SSHs

Night ruck tonight, check #roughnecks
#darkhorse spinning up and breaking out of the gate on 7/10.
USMC PFT to be held on Monday at #murphmonday
Be sure to make your orders for the F3SH Merch pre-order!

Prayer Requests
@Fertile Myrtle for an upcoming major business decision
@MaryAnne for his trip with his M to California to celebrate their 28th Wedding Anniversary (Praise!)
@Soul Glo's mom that she continues to have stress taken away and safe travels
FNG Cowbell has a 3-month-old and praise to that and prayers for him on this fatherhood journey!

We must learn to be comfortable in being discomfortable. We must be willing to be vulnerable. We must not only be strong and resilient, but we must be antifragile.
SYITG, Cosmo

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