Armory – 6.19.21

26 PAX @Jalisco @Kwame @Bogo @FICO @AnchorDown @Cosmo @Soul Glo @opie @Danica @taco libre @ragdoll @MapQuest @ToeJam @Ginsu @Peewee @Offsides @2Buck @Frisbee Buff @Pancreas @O’Douls @Earhart @Three’s Company @Fertile Myrtle @Tijuana @Thin Mint @Hot Mic willingly went after the pain this morning by showing up for this grippy workout to better themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
Welcome to @AnchorDown (Jim Logsdon Cosmos Dad)!
 Mosey to the playground, SSH in cadence, BACs, 15 OYO Merkins, Crowd Pleasers, Willie Mase Hayes, 10 OYO jump squats.
Thang 1: Coffland (Hero WOD) slightly modified.
Objective: Dead hang for 6 minutes – Time is cumulative until you hang for 360 seconds total.
One Caveat, there is a penalty every time you touch the ground by mistake or planned:
-Bear Crawl Approx 15 yards
-Run one lap around the school approx. ¼ mile(standard is 800 meters)
-30 Pushups
-Back up on whatever you are hanging from
Thang 2: For those that finished @Ginsu led PAX until I decided to Turn up the heat.
·       -5 Balls to the Wall then Bear Crawl across the field and Crawl Bear back. RNR till time.
Final minute: Absolution which I did not correctly explain.
-6 PM today @ Ragdolls – Night for the M’s to finally meet and hang out
-June 26 Black Ops 20 mile night ruck at 8:30 PM. See Roughneck channel.
-August 14th F3SH inaugural Rucking CSAUP @ 05:00 See Roughneck channel.
-June 26th Convergence in Nolensville
-July 2nd @2Buck will have a table in Columbia promoting the new Columbia AO July 10th
-If anyone wants to join to help promote F3.
-July 10th – New Columbia AO – Very exciting
-June 21st Murph Monday led by @Soul Glo
-June 28th Murph Monday – Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test Round 2
-July 3rd Fireworks with @Ginsu(an expert pyromaniac).
Prayer Request:
@Chowdah – wife has been diagnosed with Lupus.
@Cosmo – being baptized tomorrow at Rolling Hill Church @ 9:30 AM
@All Those Traveling – Pray for safety on the road and great times away.
Mole Skin:
When you think about your life, what is an area or what are some areas where you are feeling pain right now? Second, why is there pain in that area?
Sometimes God may be asking us to make a change, to either let something go that we are holding to, too tightly or, to take hold of something new. Trying to hold on to something when our strength has been used up can be hard and painful. We will eventually let go but it can be significantly less painful if we let it go willingly instead of having it torn out of our life. Vice versa, maybe we need to take up something new that we keep pushing away or not wanting to deal with.
Ask yourself:
  1. Am I finding my security in the amount of money in my bank account?
  2. Am I finding a false sense of confidence in a relationship, job or position?
  3. Am I putting too much trust in the things of this world to provide me stability and security
  4. Are there things in my life, if they disappeared tomorrow, so would my hope?
Matthew 6:19-21 – New Living Translation
19 “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. 21 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.
As you think about the questions, as you think about areas of pain in your life, what is God asking you to either let go or take hold of that if you did so your life would be better?
Maybe you need to physically open and close your hands today and ask God to help you loosen your grip on the things your holding too tightly and focus on and take hold of the eternal everlasting treasures found in Christ.
As always, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you this morning.
Hot Mic Out

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