ARMory – 4.24.21

Who Needs Leg Day Anyway?
The Field of Pain took its pound of (leg) flesh this week, so today's Q took us on a tour of the muscles in our upper body.
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Mountain climbers, high knees, squats
BACs, Michael Phelps, Teabags

Green Sally Up
Playing the song Flower by Moby, starting laying facedown on the ground, every time you hear “green sally up”, push up to top merkin position, and when you hear “green sally down”, go down to low merkin position. Goal is to not let your chest touch the ground once you lift of the first time. Previously done in F3SH with squats. And yes, I used to think the lyric was “Bring Sally Up”, but turns out that's wrong.
15 4-ct J-Los

Everyone does the following:
50 dips
Starting from one side of lot rolling toward the other side, 1 wwi, roll over to back, 1 diamond merkin, roll to 2 WWIs, roll to 2 diamond merkins, continuing to increase by 1 until you get to the other side. You get 2 rolls once you get to 10 reps
50 Carolina drydocks
Bear crawl around the parking lot to RNR for time
15 4-ct J-Los

Coupons! Partner up, one person will stay at the edge of the lot holding the coupon overhead while the other dead leg drags their way across the grass, through the ditch, up to the path and moseys back. Switch roles, then repeat curls and bear crawls
16 4-ct J-Los

Thunderstruck – while listening to the song Thunderstruck by AC/DC, do continuous mountain climbers except do a merkin when you hear the word “thunder”.

F3 Dads tomorrow (4/25) at 3pm, Fort Pain (aka Fort FUN). Don't forget your food/drink for those signed up
5/1 Armory will be the Kwambine at Port Royal park. Pre-party stretch at 5:30
Check 2nd F for Movie Night details
Other items that happened today that have already happened by this point

Prayer Requests
@Jalisco’s mom
@Offsides’s daughter
@Hot Mic shared that 5-yr-old Grayson passed away this week, prayers for that family

All of us men have a set of principles we live by, even if we haven't thought about them in concrete terms. All of us Christians have put our faith in Christ and (try) to look toward him to guide our lives. But how often do we compromise on what we say or think we believe? How often do our actions deny the Christ we acknowledge with our mouth?
This was inspired by a sermon I heard a while ago that has stuck with me since. I bet a lot of us, if approached by someone who pointed a gun at us and asked “Do you believe in a Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” would say yes and take that bullet. We'd stand strong in that moment, summon the courage to stand for what we believe in. But that's not what we face everyday. The enemy's actual tests, the “guns pointed right at us”, test our commitment to the ways of Christ in smaller ways. Do you succumb to the temptation to flip off that guy who cuts you off in traffic? Do your eyes stray when you see a provocatively dressed woman? Do you share that juicy piece of gossip you heard about someone else? Life is made of small moments; who we are as men is a marathon of testing of our principles in the little things. Those build up, and your principles will degrade to little more than puffs of smoke if you let them get eaten way by a mountain of small compromises.
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