Armory – 3.20.21

Perpetual Motion
14 HIM got to get some serious movement in today, to some sick tunes approved by @Heidi.
PAX: @Fertile Myrtle, @Three’s Company, @Tijuana, @Peewee, @Ginsu, @Hot Mic, @MaryAnne, @Heidi, @Dark Knight, @Pancreas, @Jalisco, @Cross-Stitch, @Rudolph
QIC: @Operation

10 burpees for @Three’s Company, squats for everyone else
…then 10 squats for @Three’s Company, burpees for everyone else
Imperial Walkers
High Knees
Jackass Merkins (referenced as “Donkey Merkins” during Q for the 2.0)
First, we split into 4 groups, one for each side of the bathroom building. Each side of the building had a different exercise to perform, after which you move on to the next side, going around the building until time was called (10 minutes). The exercises were
10 Jackass Merkins
Duck walk to opposite curb and back
Bear crawl past the ditch in the grass and crawl bear back
2 wall walks
Next, split into 4 accountability groups. In each set, perform a set number of one exercise, then perform a second exercise until failure. AMRAP for 8 minutes. GOAL: never stop moving, even if you have to slow the reps way down. I remember a workout when @Tiny Dancer gave this advice while having to do an obscene amount of burpees a few years ago. Each group was responsible to “motivating” each other to keep moving. Exercises were
10 burpees, shoulder taps
10 Apollo Onos (2:1), froggy crunches
10 jump squats, J-Los
@Heidi mentioned something about the music; I think he was asking me to share the playlist with him?
Last was the Native American Heritage American Hammer Coupon Race (NAHAHCR). Form 2 teams, facing each other in the parking lot on your sixes. On one side of the PAX line are two coupons. Once the race starts, the first PAX in line grabs a coupon and American Hammers it to the next PAX in line, does that again with the second coupon, then gets up and sprints to the end of the line to be ready to AH the coupons again. The lines move from one side of the parking lot to the other (on the longest side) until the second coupon is placed on the opposite sidewalk/curb. I must say, I was very impressed that each team was able to traverse the whole parking lot in a MINUTE! The score was tied 1 to 1 after 2 rounds, so we gave it all on the third round and TIED. That’s when @Three’s Company smashed a coupon into a few pieces, before @Dark Knight finished it off during his post-party.
Convergence next Saturday 3/27. Parking and the start of the AO will be at the nearby First Baptist Church. Do not park at Harvey.
@Heidi announced the start of #grit-lab; see #f3springhillgeneral and the new channel for more details
See @Pancreas’s Nantaan notes posted to #f3springhillgeneral for updates on Shield Lock and F3SH leadership
Prayer Requests
@Kwame’s race this weekend
@Hot Mic’s brother & family (see #prayerrequests)
@Pancreas’s friend’s marriage
I spent today trying to get everyone to keep moving throughout the workout, despite how tired you might feel. A quote I wanted to share:
“In this life, we’re either getting better or getting worse. If we’re not growing, we’re diminishing…The good should always give way to the better. Otherwise, it will at some point inevitably dissipate into the worse.” – Tom Morris
In Freed to Lead, the F3 founders describe how men approach fitness as an attempt to reach the fabled Plateau, where working out real hard is no longer necessary, because you’ve reached a “good” level of fitness. So men stop trying so hard. The reality is that we are living on one long infinite slope, such that if you are not climbing it, you are tumbling down. This is true beyond fitness, into our relationships with God, Ms, 2.0s, friends, etc. There’s no coasting; you either push upward or slide downward.
Paul, talking about the goal of knowing Christ, said
“Not that I have already reached the goal or am already fully mature, but I make every effort to take hold of it because I also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus. Brothers, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.”
We may be good, but there is always better.
Op out

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