Armory – 2.26.21

Walls of Jericho!
PAX: @Foosball, @Ron Swanson, @Fertile Myrtle, @Heidi, @Three’s Company, @Dizzy Gillespie, @Jalisco, @Lone Star, @odouls, @chair thrower, @Peewee, @MaryAnne, @Mulligan, @2Buck, @ragdoll, @Kwame, @Timeshare, @Hot N Ready, @Hot Mic, @Tijuana, @Cosmo (rucking)
QiC: @Pre-K
This morning several HIMs gathered for Pre-party’s at 5:00am and 5:30. Some did a ruck beatdown while others tore up the wet streets with a run. The weather was perfect! Temperature was 57* and lite sprinkle. YHC gave a quick introduction then straight into a mosey to the flagpole, stopping to bear craw across the bridge . Once at the flagpole the pax did the following:
* Side straddle hops -IC x25
*  BAC – IC x10
* Back BAC -IC x10
* Overhead flaps – IC x15
* Michael Phelps – OYO
* Willy Mays hay’s – OYO
* Good mornings – OYO
Mosey back to the parking lot where instructions were given. Today we are going to
Jericho and we will tear down the wall. We ran 7 laps around the park with the following excerises between each lap:
7 – burpee
7 – balls to the walls
7 – LBC
7 – Lt. get Up – 2 leg squat followed by a prisoner get up aka surrender.
7 – merkin
7 – imperial Walker
7 – Foxhole – WWI roll over do a merkin
We ran out of time and didn’t complete the last set.
Count off, Name-o-Rama
* March 6th – cannon ball run. 4:45 stretch, 5am start time. Reach out to @Heidi with questions.
* The Standard has moved to Battleground. Every Thursday at 4:45AM-6AM
* @Tiny Dancer has The Murph this Monday with the passing of the Nantan, don’t miss it!
Prayer Request:
• @Pancreas hurt back
• @TheChilliCoffee baby having heart surgery on heart.
• @Hot N Ready  2.0 healing from surgery
• Prayers for all of us men and the stress in our daily life, whether is with our m or 2.0’s, pray for guidance for us to lead our families well.
Today we ran around this park 7 times, doing 6, almost 7 Exercises each, which was similar to the story of the Walls of Jericho. In this scripture, God sent the Israelites out to conquer Jericho; Which was a 7 day path. They marched silently only blowing trumpets around the walls of Jericho once each day for 6 days. On the 7th day, they circled the wall 7 times and when Joshua signaled the trumpets blared and everyone yelled; the walls came tumbling down.
Joshua 6:2 – Then the Lord said to Joshua, “SEE, I have DELIVERED Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men.”
Remember those words: SEE, I have DELIVERED.
Charlotte Gambill with Life church did a wonderful sermon on this scripture in which she started with the following statement: “I am moving, but nothing is changing”. We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to our friends, family and neighbors, wanting more, asking god why, doubting things that happen in our life. Whether it’s a job, family, money, health,  happiness, etc, we get caught up in these thoughts and keep circling with this behavior. If Joshua didn’t listen to the lord when he said “ SEE, I have delivered” he would have kept Circling when god already delivered his plan. I leave you with this, if you are struggling, SEE… not with your eyes but with your faith. God has already delivered, it sometimes takes awhile for us to see it; but remember God has already delivered and has control.
*Gentleman, it’s always a privilege to lead. You all mean a lot to me and if anyone ever needs to talk, I’m here for you. I appreciate all of you and this brotherhood.*
– Pre-K out

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