Armory – 2.20.21

15 HIM strong on an 11 degree morning. A Co-Co-VQ. The glory of the icy gloom pierced by raucous idiots chasing each other around in the snow. What better way to spend a morning?!
CoQ 1: @Cosmo CoQ2: @Ron Swanson CoQ3VQ: @odouls
@Kwame @Three’s Company @2Buck @Heidi @MaryAnne @Joey Freshwater @Lone Star @Dipstick @Pancreas @Fertile Myrtle @Operation
FNG: Towlie
CoQ Pt. 1 courtesy of Capt. Cosmo
Good Mornings
Reverse BACs
Upper Body Agony (OYO, Burpee until the six each set)
Merkins x 40
Carolina Dry Docks x 40
Merkins x 40
Overhead presses x 40
Merkins x 40
Nolan Ryans x 20 each side
CoQ Pt. 2 presented by YHC, CoQVQ aka IceQ
V-Up Roll Ups x 20
Imperial Squat Walkers across the field and back
Reverse Crunches x 20
ThighMasters across the field and back
Up Straddle Hops x 10 each leg
Elbow2Knee Crunches x 10 each side
CoQ Pt. 3 brought to you by the one and only Ron Swanson
Bear vs Crab tag
Battle of Hoth
I Go You Go
Partner One does Exercise 1. Partner 2 does Exercise 2.  Ladder reps 1-6
Set 1: (1)Big Froggy Hammer (2)Plank
Set 2: (1)Heel touches (2) Leg Raise 6″
Pull Up shenanigans at the Playground
Mosey (carefully) back to CoT
Cannonball Run March 6. @Heidi is deep in training mode. Who is gonna catch him?
T-shirts available for $10 (as well as Fort Fluffy shirts $5)
New PAX update @odouls @MaryAnne both posted a month ago today. Combined weight loss of a toddler in 1 month (32LBS!!) Thanks to all for the motivation and support. Honorable Mention s/o to @Dipstick for his 2 month!
Prayer Requests:
@2Buck waiting for the surgery date for M. Prayers for peace and resolution for her and the whole family.
@Ron Swanson friends family putting their dad to rest today. We have all experienced loss, we celebrate and mourn with you.
@Bogo get healthy brother. We pray for you and your family’s quick recovery and healing We need you back to beat us down….Belated Bogo Birthday Beatdown awaits!!
@Dipstick neighbors family navigating their son’s health challenge. We pray for patience and direction knowing God brings peace and healing as we wait.
2 Peter 1:5-6
Make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge.
As men, we so often strive first and most for knowledge. In his letter, Peter implores us to endeavor with intentionality to allow our faith to guide us toward virtue. The Greek translation of “supplement” in this verse is ‘epichoregesate’ which means to supply lavishly, invest in or pour into.
In F3, we believe in pouring into each other to make us better. We need to remember to pour into ourselves as well, allowing our faith to lead us toward morality, integrity and virtue. As we do this, remember the lesson of the Fall of Man. The quest for knowledge led both Eve and Adam to leapfrog their faith and compromise their integrity and virtue in the pursuit of knowledge.
This is the inherent truth of our sin nature, being out of order with God’s direction. Let us live intentionally faithful and willfully virtuous to lead us to higher knowledge. God will bless us as we do this.
It was a pleasure to lead today. As for the snarky Jazzercise commentary… Thanks…I needed that!
@odouls out

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