Armory – 12.28.2019

A soggy, relatively shoulder-friendly, post Christmas beatdown

PAX: Operation, Packer, Bogo, Heidi, Red Rocket, Sully, FICO, Dice (FNG), Wildstyle (FNG) + 2.0 John,
ragdoll (Q)

10 1/2 PAX chose to get their hair wet with ragdoll this morning in a post-Christmas, shoulder-friendly Q, courtesy of a recent shoulder mishap for YHC.

Here’s what went down:
A quick mosey around the park, followed by warmup of 25 x SSH, 20 x Imperial Walkers, 30 x LBCs, and a good deal of leg stretches. Next up, partner work.

The Politician Two-Step
In light of the wet conditions, we forgo box jumps on slick picnic tables and instead do step-ups. Partner 1 does as many step-ups as possible, while Partner 2 runs 30 yards, performs 10 Apollo Onos, and politicians (backpedals) back. Rinse and repeat until Q calls time.

Taboo Tannenbaum
The Germans first started decorating Christmas trees in the 1500s, but it didn’t become popular in the US until the 1830’s. It was because of the Puritans – they thought Christmas should be a sad somber occasion, so they made people pay fines for decorating for Christmas and putting up trees.In honor of Christmas tree lore, each PAX executed a partner carry for 25 yards (their Christmas tree), and then performed an exercise (the fine). Rinse and repeat, swapping partners for each carry. Fines were as follows: 50 iron mikes, 50 squats, 50 iron mikes, 50 jump squats.Hereabouts an overzealous and overconfident Q partnered with a very-not-small FNG Dice, made it three steps before his knee buckled and rolled them both to the ground. Should have listened to my own disclaimer and modified as necessary. But it gave Dice his name … roll the dice, get it?

Painground Playtime
Mosey down to the playground for some solo work – 6 sets of 5 pull-ups, 15 American Hammers, and 25 Little Baby Crunches (LBCs).

Bear Crawl Salute
Next to the flagpole at the back of the park where we all bear crawled the entire circle. Props to FICO – he’s getting faster on his bear crawl!At the starting line we all did 50 squats, at which point we achieved 2/3 of Heidi’s daily goal for 2020: 150 squats and 150 LBCs completed. But since this beatdown needs to be relatively shoulder-friendly, I didn’t give him any merkins.One more time around the flagpole – crawl bear this time!

Catch Me If You Can Run
Kind of like an Indian Run, except the last PAX in line drops to do 5 merkins. Upon completion he sprints to the front of the line, tapping the last guy on the way by who drops and does 5 merkins. We run back to the parking lot for names and COT.

Nameorama / COT
10 PAX including 2 FNGs today – Dice and Wildstyle. Our new friend Wildstyle likes Legos — Wildstyle is the character name of the girl in the Lego movie, but honestly it’s kind of a cool name regardless … probably not a great decision on Q’s part.Many prayer requests for families today. Marriages and relationships are under attack. Press into your loved ones. Lean on your F3 brothers – we are here to support each other.A blessing to lead you all today. Thanks for showing up and performing strong!

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