Armory – 11.06.21

Short version of armory for me
MP for shoulders
Mosey to the main door at school
concrete ball is 10 reps
•hamers (2ct)
•mountain climbers (2ct)
•bbs knees up (forget the name)
Run lap around the lot with lights (beside the buses parking)
Repeat increase by 10 and so and so
Q complete 4 rounds
Mosey back to car and decide to honor the tussle HIM
•bear crawl across the flag parking lot
Time for me

For all the tussle guy for safety
Thanks for let me wake up another day
All the M’s for healing
For the star HIM today to have a successful and fun experience
Today was a perfect example of how life can change immediately and we need to embrace it and adjust.
Don’t be comfortable if you are =wrong, challenge yourself.
“The wolfs hunt in pack but once in a while the Alfa get out and hunt alone “
@Jalisco out

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