Armory – 10.31.2020

5 HIM braved the gloom this morning and came out better for it. @Ron Swanson @Three’s Company   @Peewee and QIC @Dizzy Gillespie. @Bogo came in a bit late but quickly caught up.

Toy soldiers
Cherry pickers
Willie Mays Hays
Toe touches
Good mornings
And plank knee holds
Imperial walkers

Thang 1
Sits ups and bear crawl the parking lot for mtn merkins and crawl bear back (an official modification was soon made to lunge walk back)

Thang 2
Frisbee Toss
One PAX threw the frisbee and named the mode of transportation and the exercise.
@Three’s Company was first because he finished 11s before everyone else. A browsy to the frisbee and 100 merkins (we quickly modified with 50)
@Bogo decided we should do more bear crawls to his frisbee throw and then do 5 burpees
@Ron Swanson decided on HIM skips to 25 iron mikes
YHC tossed is to the bathrooms and the PAX moseyed and did 50 squats.
At this point everyone was begging for pull-ups (seriously!) @Peewee wanted to accommodate so he pulled off a marvelous throw and the we moseyed to the playground for 20 pull-ups whole @Peewee did 2 quick laps around us
Someone (maybe @Bogo) did a short throw toward the parking lot and called a combo 43 lbc’s and 7 burpees
YHC did an embarrassing and wimpy 1/2 throw that I followed with a full throw back to the parking lot.

Luckily we had time for Mary
Lat crunches
Freddy mercuries
And plank for time

I can’t remember details but people talked about upcoming things
Gauntlet is today.
24 hour marathon. See @Kwame for details
Turkey run thing on Thanksgiving.
5k on the 28th
More runs
@Three’s Company is doing a trail run
@Bogo is doing something similar with his brother from ATL
Prayer requests
@Three’s Company M and daughter in AL for a cheerleading competition. Safe travels and safe cheering
@Ron Swanson has a friend who is caring for his father who has cancer

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