Armory – 10.16.21

Location: Longview  Rec. Center  Parking  Lot/  Longview Elementary
Date: 10/16/2021
Q: @Earhart
Who Attended?
9 HIMS: @Bogo @Heidi (1st F Q) @Thin Mint @Ginsu,   @Soul Glo@Pancreas (Nant’an) @FICO @Earhart
9 PAX gathered together on a brisk October morning to  better  themselves.
The 5 Core Principles of F3
Free  of  Charge
Open  to  All  Men
Held  outdoors,  rain  or  shine,  heat  or  cold-Peer  Led
Ends  with  a  Circle  of  Trust
Disclaimer  and  Notice-
I  am  NOT a professional
It  is  each  man’s  responsibility  to  be  safe.
Modify  the  exercises  as  needed  to  prevent  injury,  not  to  ease  the  work.
Warm Up-
-Good  Mornings:  10  reps
-Fwd  Arm Circles/Backwards:  10  reps
-Cherry  Pickers:  10  count
-Willy  Mays  Hayes  RT/LFT:  10  sec  each
-Side  Straddle  Hop:  25  reps
-Merkins  25  reps
-Shake  your  money  makers:  (Renamed “Earhart  Shake”)
Mosey w/ coupons over to school track
Coupon Work
-Man  Makers:  (Burpee  with  overhead  press)  25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Curls 25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-KettleBell Swings    25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Goblet  Squats 25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Incline  Merkins  25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Squat  Thrusters    (Squat  then  thrust  coupon  overhead)  25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Coupon  Lunges  25  reps
-Run  A Lap
-Coupon  Extensions    (On  your  back,  raise  coupon  overhead)  25  reps
-Run  A Lap
Mosey back with your coupon
On your backs
– Hello  Dollies Legs  6”  open/closed  legs  (Random  counting  method  maybe  20 to 3000 reps.
-High  Dollies (Legs up High)
-LBCs  x 50 reps
-Dying  Cockroach (Legs high.  Touch  opposite  hands  to  toes) x25  reps -American  Hammers  x 10:  4ct
Count-O-RamaName-O-Rama x2 cause VQ mistakes are inevitable and REAL!
  • Check Slack
  • Gray Ghost  still needs volunteers.
  • Jalisco’s PAX Appreciation  (Video  Below)
  • Prayer requests- There were many  requests, but I’m not good at remembering. God knows what is weighing on our hearts.
Today,  I talked about resilience.  As men, we strive for perfection in all parts of our life.  Striving for perfection is not realistic.  There was only one perfect man. The truth is, we have so much to learn from  our failures.  Through our failures, if we take the time to evaluate, we can become stronger.  Sometimes life throws so many things at us all at once, that it knocks us down.  Being able to get back up, to be  resilient, to learn from our faults and our failures, is what really gives us the chance  to change, and become better men.
James 1:2-4  Consider it pure joy my  brothers.  Whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the  testing of your faith develops perseverance.  Perseverance must finish its work, so that you may be mature and  complete, not lacking anything.
Group Flag pics then Coffeteria followed
Personal  Note:
I have always respected the Q’s, because for me, it’s not easy.  After my VQ today, I can say that my respect, for you men has grown even more. Leading does not come easy for me, it is one of  my daily life struggles.  You men made it feel easier for me, even through all of my mistakes.
“Iron  Sharpens  Iron”!

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