Armory – 04.25.2020

Saturday morning 6 PAX and one dog got stronger!

PAX: Professor X, @ragdoll@Pancreas@Tiny Dancer@FICO, FICOs dog, and myself.

50 regular SSH
Torso twists
Cherry Pickers – for @Pancreas, who loves them so much.
Good mornings
Michael Phelps

The workout:
Burpees – 10
Squat jumps – 15
Mountain climbers – 20

30 SSSH (we did SSH at a sprint speed… Speed aside Straddle Hops = SSSH)
Bear crawl merkins (from a standing position, squat down and bear crawl into a merkin position, do 1 Merlin, then crawl bear back to a standing position. Feet never move. ) – 15
Big boy sit ups – 20
Merkins – 25

Burpees – 10
Big boy sit-ups – 20
Squats – 30

Shoulder taps – 20
J Lo – 30
Big boy sit ups – 20
American hammers – 20 (both sides = 1)
ABCs – 1x (all 26)
Flutter kicks- 25

[Q Notes: We blew through the above so fast that I had to roll us through it again! So we did 30 more SSSH and then jumped right back in at the beginning for a second round.  I know a subbed a few things on the fly but forgive me because I can’t recall what I changed from the plan. ]

We then did a few rounds of Mary led by everyone in the group rotating through.

Winding down:
1 old man merkin (2 min)

Old men (who don’t do F3 and get respect) take a LONG time to do a single push-up. There’s a lot of stretching and holding positions in the process. Look forward to more of these when I Q again.

5 minute Al Gore to close us out.
Yes, 5 minutes.

Announcements… sorry I forgot to take notes and 2 days later I don’t remember them.

Praise for @Pancreas father doing better. Prayers for @Pancreas aunt who’s in the hospital, as well as @Ganis who’s son was just born and it sounded like he wasn’t able to even see him at this time.

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