Armory – 02.22.2020

We had 10 brave Pax make it out this morning for a very cold beat down. @Hot N Ready @Pancreas @Tiny Dancer @Operation @RoboCall @Ron Swanson @Heidi @Lone Star @Kwame @FICO


  • We moseyed around the path at the park and then circled up and each PAX lead one warm-up/stretch exercise.
-7 of diamonds – we moseyed around the “diamond” track at the park and stopped at each of the “four corners” to do the exercises below. Each “lap” consisted of doing the same exercise at all 4 corners. You do 7 “laps” total.
  • 7 burpees
  • 14 flutter kicks
  • 21 merkins
  • 28 squats
  • 21 LBCs (during this round we also sprinted to each corner)
  • We ran out of time and we’re not able to complete rounds 6 & 7. I’ll save those for a future Q.
-Bring Sally Up – Use the song “Flower” by Moby to alternate between a squat (whenever you hear “bring sally down”) and standing up to rest (whenever you hear “bring sally up”)
-2-minute lie plank

Heidi has the new AO starting in March
Tiny Dancer is doing a soft opening at the new AO for an Ash Wednesday beat down
A few others I don’t remember
-Prayer Requests
Continued prayer for Charlee and Charlie
Tiny Dancer has two close friends who are struggling with their marriages

I did a poor job of taking notes, so I’m sorry if I left one out. I had a blast this morning! We only did about 1/3 of what I prepared, so I have more fun in store for a future Q.

You all braved the cold and pushed yourselves hard to get better this morning. Don’t forget to bring that same spirit and endurance to your leadership in your marriages and families. Have a great rest of your weekend!

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