Armory – 02.08.2020

We have 9 men come out this chilly morning, @Lone Star @Heidi @Kwame @Pancreas @Tiny Dancer @ragdoll @Operation @Pop-A-Lock.

Good mornings
Slow and low
Forward arm circles
Backward arm circles
Michael Phelps
Overhead claps

Buy in 15 HR Burpees

Bear/Crab Tag (everyone performs a bear crawl except the one who is “it”. The “it” performs a crab walk) 5 mins +wait for Tiny Dancer’s return from a Code Brown
10 Jump squats when tagged
Everyone else flutter kicks
Crazy 8s
Burpee thruster broad jump
Pull ups8 ea (x3)
Toe taps
Flutter Kicks
Simba press
Hold plank while Pop-A-Lock tells a long joke.
Cash out 15 HRm

April 25 Crucible
Talked about exercising the 3rd F and visiting each other’s churches. Prayer Requests Continued prayers for Charlee and Charlie.
Prayers for Kwames brother in law and family with the passing in the family.
Heidi’s shoulder and other people’s injuries.
Operations friend with miscarriage.
My M with her migraines and potential diagnosis Praise
Pancreas’s new job
Heidi job advancement

Good job at getting after it today gents! Let’s continue to push ourselves everyday.

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