A Morning Full Of Bad Ideas – 11.04.2020

8 HIM showed up for a leg intense beat down. @Pancreas @Three’s Company @Timeshare @Heidi @Rudolph @Operation @Lone Star and QIC @Dizzy Gillespie
Good morning!
Cherry Pickers
High Knees
Butt kickers
Thang 1
Dan Taylor to the bottom of the hill (1:4 increasing ratio of squat:lunge) there was a lot of mumble chatter. And a lot of math
Politician to the top of the hill.
25 merkins oyo
Thang 2
11’s (jump squats // broad jump // step up // bear crawl back to start)
Time to stretch it out! Calf raises 3 ways (25 each)
Mosey back
Circle of Pain
Failure to Launch
Sumo Squats
Monkey humpers
@Rudolph reminded me that we have upper body muscles too so we did 25 merkins IC
Alternating Side (split squats?) Squats for time
Prayer Requests
The nation as we await the election of a new/old president.
@Timeshare’s M awaiting test results
Our relationships with our 2.0s and patience as we parent.
@ragdoll and his family Quarentrening and awaiting COVID test results
Sorry if I missed any
All too often we are known by the things we are against. It is a lot easier to highlight the negative and to tear down rather than to build up. What would it be like if we were known for what we are for? It is more attractive and easier to follow someone who leads white encouragement and love rather than constant criticism and negativity. Be known for what you are for and be known for your encouragement and love. Build up rather than tear down.
SYITG @Dizzy Gillespie  out!!

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