12 Pains of Christmas – 12.21.2019

10 got after this morning in beautiful weather for the gloom!

PAX: Tiny Dancer, Pancreas, Joey Freshwater, Kwame, FICO, Sully
With FNGs Packer, Mr. Roboto, Dusty Crophopper
QIC: Operation

• Mosey around park, stopping for 5 burpees
• Merkins
• Good mornings
• WMH’s
• Runner’s stretch with ARMS UP
• 20 mountain climbers

Thang: 12 Pains of Christmas
We know how the song goes. Each day, you get a new “gift”, plus another set of all the “gifts” you got all the previous days. So…For the first pain of Christmas, my Q gave to me, 1 lap around the “tree”.
The tree was the track around the playground.

For the second pain of Christmas, my Q gave to me, 2 types of bears and 1 lap around the tree.
That’s a bear crawl then crawl bear through the small side parking lot.Etc. like that for 8 days, after which Q had to call time to do the other workout planned.Days
1 lap around the tree
2 types of bears
3 types of merkins (3x wide, 3x diamond, 4x side knee raise)
4 flutter kicks (4-count)
5 burpee climbers (burpee + 4-count mountain climber)
6 Skaters skating (Apollo Onos, side to side is one rep)
7 Walkers walking (Imperial Walkers, one each leg is one rep)
8 Pull-ups pulling

Another Leg Bites the Dust
While “Another One Bites the Dust” plays, PAX performed squats to the beat of the song. During verse, attempt to raise alternating knees when coming up from squat. Whenever phrase “bites the dust” is sung, perform a burpee. If you keep up with the song, that’s 160+ squats and 18 burpees.

For the last 2 minutes, WWIs and American Hammers.

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, is Uprising at 5 and a special Armory from Tiny Dancer at 6.
Franklin’s Warpath is coming up

Prayer requests
Prayers for health, with surgeries, lots of sickness going around. A few guys managed to come out after getting over something, but we missed Ron Swanson and Heidi (injury). Prayers for family conflict that will bring tension over the holidays

Reminder from Sully to trust in God’s timing, because it is perfect

4 for coffeeteria.

I love the opportunity to sharpen myself with you guys. Let’s just do the right things each day and know that God will take care of the rest!Op out

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