12 Legs of Kwamza – 12/26/20

@2Buck (yes, of course I listed him first, @Pancreas) @Pancreas @Cosmo @Heidi @Joey Freshwater @Operation @Peewee @Ron Swanson @Three’s Company @stag @Tiny Dancer @Owen Threewit YHC, and of course last but certainly LATE was @SlowGo I mean @Bogo
Started by getting everyone acclimated to the balmy 15 degrees by doing Superman Bananas, followed by 8 SSHs, WMHs to the R/L, runners stretch R/L and carrot pickers. We then finished with a full mosey loop around Harvey.
The Thang:
Since there was no SH Christmas Parade this year (#covid) YHC decided to simulate a parade anyway, F3 style. Grabbed the coupons for a spirited walk/mosey/sprint around the loop, mixing in ‘THE CURL’, ‘THE PRESS’, bent over rows and skull crushers. We did one full lap and the six was struggling to keep warm, so we dropped our coupons to get sensation back in our extremities…by running another loop. We did about 2/3 of a second loop and decided to drop our ‘flour babies’ and head to the bathroom for another break. And by break I mean split into two teams (1s and 2s) for half to do wall-sits and the other half to run yet another loop. Groups were determined not by YHC’s inability to count to 2, but by the men (non-runners) and chumps (runners). For some reason @Operation was sad that he wasn’t in the chump group. Op, don’t worry, you’ll always be a chump to me…

While the Men ran (quite slow, even for them!), the chumps concocted a plan to walk when we got into their line of sight after the groups switched just to get under their skin. It worked like a charm- so good in fact as soon as they couldn’t see us we just sprinted across the parking lot to end their wall-sit misery.
We then grabbed our coupons and lunge walked back to the COT for some SQUATPOCALYPSE:
With coupon in hand-
12 4-count squats
12 more
12 shoulder squats
12 more (other shoulder!)
Without coupons-
12 suicide squats
12 alternating pistol squats

One round of Failure to Launch Duck Duck Goose- each pax member runs around the group counting down from 10 to blastoff while everyone else sits in Al Gores until blastoff, when they squat jump into the air, repeats until all pax have “launched”
We had a few minutes so we grabbed our lonely baby coupons and ran around the playground just because. With 3 minutes left we had just enough time for Superman Bananas to close us out.
– It’s the last week of 2020, your last opportunity to enjoy Murph monday, uprising Tuesday, fort pain Wednesday, TRAPP Thursday (road trip Q from 2Buck, meet at McD’s by Church of the City on Main Street at 5:30), finish the year STRONG :muscle::skin-tone-3:
– January 1st resurgence: 3 workouts in 1, pick your poison between running, lifting or boot camping. Sarah benson park, 5:30 (someone correct me if the time is wrong)
Prayer requests:
– operation’s sister in law (in law?)
– Cosmo’s family issues
– All the family and friends dealing with health concerns
James 1:2-4 ‘Consider it all Joy’ is a motto I try to live by, and with all that’s happening in our town and in the country we need to step back and remember that. And also remember that we need to lean into joy! Joy is not a product of our circumstance but it's in our attitude and perspective. You have the power to be joyful, don’t let your circumstance dictate your ability to experience and share joy.
Love you brothers, keep fighting the good fight- it was my honor to lead you men today. Enjoy the weekend! MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!
SYITG, Kwame

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