Opening Back Up On Our 1 Year Anniversary!

Our 1 Year Anniversary Beatdown is less than 2 days away! Prepare yourselves!

When: Saturday, May 23, 0600-0700
Where: Harvey Park
Virtual [LIVE]

That’s right, we are going back LIVE and in person at all AO’s starting on the 23rd!!! We will, however, revert back to pre-shut down safeguards such as social distancing, no hand bumps, ball o man, etc., split up groups of 10 or more, and no community coupons.

As a special incentive to post, we will be honoring Mitchell Earwood, the Spring Hill Firefighter who tragically lost his life on May 3, 2020. Franklin’s @Pre-K, one of Earwood’s long-time friends, was kind enough to author the Hero WOD which will henceforth bear Earwood’s name.

Don’t miss out! Come celebrate all we’ve accomplished, both individually and as a region in just one year! Storm Harvey Park on 5/23!!!!

Tiny Dancer

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