Grit Lab Monthly Challenge – 4.21

As part of F3 Spring Hill’s Grit Lab, we are going to start doing monthly fitness challenges!

This month’s challenge is 50 Merkins A Day, and it comes from DAREBEE. (even though they misspell “merkin”)

Per the DAREBEE website:

“Transform your body, change your mind, develop discipline, feel differently about yourself and the world. And that is not even the sum total of the benefits to be reaped by doing the 50 Push-Ups a Day Challenge. Do them all at once. Do them in sets of 5 or 10 at a time. Do them all within an hour or space them out throughout the day. It doesn’t matter how you decide to do them as long as you actually do 50 push-ups a day, every day for a month. The transformation is something you will feel yourself.

EXTRA CREDIT: Complete every day before breakfast.”

You can use their website as an interactive calendar to mark off each day you complete, or you can download a PDF copy of the calendar to print out. Either way, get to work PAX, you’ve got come Merkins to crank out!

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