F3 Spring Hill Open House Week, May 2021

F3 Spring Hill will be hosting our first ever Open House Week every day next week, Monday May 3rd through Saturday May 8th. This is a week that we dedicate to bringing as many FNGs (Friendly New Guys) to our workouts as we can. See the schedule below for each day’s workout time and location. You certainly do not want to miss our Saturday bootcamp, because we will be cooking up a free breakfast afterwards!

All of our workouts are ALWAYS free and open to ALL men regardless of fitness level. The concept of “Open House Week” is really just an internal motivator for us to reach out to the community and try to bring as many new guys as we can into the group. All men are always welcome at any of our scheduled workouts. The weather is perfect, and it’s time for you to get up and get after it! Come out and give F3 a chance, you’ll be glad you did!

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